Case Study: How to achieve 10x ROI every month through email marketing

How cool is it that you have got a 10x return on investment for your eCommerce store every month? Well, that’s exactly what happened with this Australian Haircare product brand.

I had the chance to work with the Australian eCommerce brand as an email marketer. The owner is cool & always ready to test a new strategy.


Due to the iOS 14+ updates, the customer acquisition cost has increased through Facebook ads. So, we need to invest more money to acquire a new customer.

Also, They are unable to do email marketing by themselves. So, They hire me to send out weekly campaigns at the end of December 2021.

Returning customer rate: 34.91%

The brand has potential as they have almost 35% returning customers. But the problem was they are not using email marketing to improve customer lifetime value and reduce the cost per customer.


After analyzing Klaviyo email marketing, I realized that there is an opportunity to improve performance and increase the ROI through email marketing.

So, I have started sending out value-based content through email. And nurture the audience. Also, I have sent promotional emails as per the strategy.

Second, I have started optimizing flows in Klaviyo. Perform A/B testing, send time delay, subject line, Integrated SMS marketing.


Within the next month, the brand achieved 10x ROI through email marketing. And sales grew from almost $0 to $1500 per month with less than 1500 subscribers.

Current Progress

I am focusing on retention marketing along with lead generation & lead nurturing through email marketing. I will add those results in the upcoming month.

How we’ll work together…

  1. We will discuss the project whether it is from scratch or ongoing.
  2. We will analyze the existing Klaviyo account & Identify the scope of optimization.
  3. I’ll create the strategy and an email marketing roadmap for the project.
  4. I’ll optimize or create a new signup form to improve list growth.
  5. I’ll configure new flows or update existing flows in your Klaviyo account. If required, I will change the strategy of the flow.
  6. I’ll improve the email copy in the flows.
  7. I’ll perform A/B testing based on Subject line, email copy, specific time delay, no. of email, new vs returning customer, etc. as per your business needs.
  8. I’ll create a campaign strategy, email copy, template, etc. to increase the performance of the Klaviyo email marketing.
  9. I’ll evaluate all the required metrics to improve the performance.

Types of campaigns:

✔️ Informational ✔️ Product launch ✔️ Flash Sales ✔️ Holiday sales

Types of automation flows:

✔️ Welcome Series ✔️ Abandonment Checkout Flow ✔️ Browse Abandonment Flow ✔️ Post-Purchase Flow ✔️ VIP Email Series ✔️ Cross-sell/ Upsell Flow ✔️ Customer Win-back Flow ✔️ First Purchase Anniversary Flow

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