Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful strategy used by every digital marketer. It helps to achieve marketing goals.

We heard about sending emails to prospects to help businesses generate sales and engaging audiences. Now the question comes what email marketing is?

Email Marketing builds a strong relationship between human beings, bringing businesses to help keep existing clients. Without content, there is no existence of email.

If the content is poor, then the email goes in vein, so emails focused on marketing content will help get the desired result we want for our brand.

So our focus should be on Email content marketing instead of only Email marketing.

The email sent by you should provide value to customers so that they feel it is worth their subscribing to your email list, and they should have a feeling of getting the next mail soon to get bomb value to them.

The email should have CTA, which means a call to action that makes them compelled to buy your course or anything you sell as they feel they are getting good value from free resources, and if they get paid one, they will get the value for their money from you.

Why should one send a marketing email?

  • Building a strong connection with your audience through a personalized message
  • Providing value to them which is created by you
  • Promoting your product or services
  • Make them aware of your bra

What are the benefits of email content marketing?

  • Helps in recognizing your brand by customers through emails
  • Boost the sales as 66% of people buy because of email marketing from you
  • Build strong customer relationship
  • It helps in increasing traffic to your website as more people will visit it
  • Improving communication with customers by informing them of good content
  • Provide immediate results to your business
  • Helps in connecting with more people as an increase in your audience
  • People get aware about what you offer and any discounts you provide them

Strategies for running Email Marketing Campaigns

Here let me discuss the best email marketing strategy for running a successful email marketing

Personalizing your Email

Personalizing the email does not mean sending the mail individually to your subscribers; that means
using the subscriber’s name in the subject line that will increase the chances of getting it open by
them by 16% as they feel it is specifically targeted to them.

To get it personalized when taking their information for your subscription list, you should ask them
their name, company, location, mail id, and contact no. Etc so that you can personalize it in a better

Also, the email should ask the person to reply to their response that improves your credibility
and improve communication with customers.

Segment Your Subscribers

It gives good results when emails are sent using the segments that will target the audience which is
relevant to them.

Segment by company’s size

segmenting emails by company size or by their revenue increase the response rates of customers.  The relevance of email differs as per the company’s size. You can’t send the same email to 10 employee companies to 1000 employee companies that will not give a good response rate to you.

Segment by Industry

For selling your product your services, it is better to know from which Industry the customer or business belongs to create an email accordingly. Suppose you send an email to a business for which it does not become relevant that will not give you any results.

Sales Cycle Segmentation

The beginner customer will not be interested in trying free demo and webinars. Still, the buyer who is at an advanced level will be interested in that, so you need to identify to correctly pitch them and get leads out of them.

Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

The studies show that the user on mobile phones opens 60% of the emails.

So making the email mobile-friendly is necessary as if they open the mail that is not mobile-friendly, the customer will unsubscribe you as they cannot open so not getting your offer.

Make your subject line and preheader short

The most important part of the email is a subject line, as it should be short and crisp for the customer to retain it. Your email should be summarised in the preheader, and also there should be a call to action that will attract your customers.

Use responsive email design

Responsive email design optimizes the customer’s experience regardless of device, whether it is desktop or mobile, as most email providers use it to make it responsive and customer-friendly.

Use Call to Action (CTA)

Use the call to action, which is big that attracts the customer and makes it easy for them to identify where they are required to take action. If a person doesn’t use a call to action, then sending an email is irrelevant as it will not give any results to you.

Automate Email Campaigns

These emails are sending considering the behavior of the customer. This process of sending automated emails is known as Drip Marketing.

The trigger emails are sending saying welcome emails, transactional emails on the order confirmation, and receipt. Email Drip Marketing performs better for getting more leads as the customer feels you value them.

The open rates of these emails are higher than other emails. The average click-through rate of trigger emails is double the traditional mails.

It helps in getting more traffic to the websites. The research shows that trigger emails generate 18 times more profits and four times revenue for the business.

Email drip marketing helps nurture leads, welcoming, renewals of subscriptions, course enrollment, engagement, etc.

In short, we can say its main motive is to hook the audience towards the content of the email and get them to compel to take action positively in favor of the brand.

Choose content type

There is various type of email campaigns that can be run to get leads.

Product Update

You can send emails to inform them about the new launch of the product, their specifications, and offers to attract clients towards it.

Content Announcement

In this email, people usually promote the webinar, eBook free trial, and coupon sale.


In this, you can send emails of your blog regularly to your customer. If you maintain that there is no requirement of such a long mail as they click on the blog, they will redirect to it and get value out of it and connect with your brand.


Marketing emails are a powerful tool to increase your sales, engage customers, build relationships, improve communication, etc.

It helps in recognizing your brand by potential users to be converted into your customers. Using this way of sending an email will help in increasing sales.

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