How to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to start side income from selling Amazon Products? Do you want to earn extra income? Then you are in the right place. Because Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate marketing programs. In this blog, you will learn how to do amazon affiliate marketing.

We will discuss the following topics.

Let’s get Started

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program or amazon associate program is a program where website owners or bloggers can refer amazon products to their site. If someone clicks that link and buys that product then they will earn a commission for that. The following Block is an example of the amazon affiliate link. If you click on the “buy now ” button, it will take you to the amazon site. Have a try.

Amazon Affiliate: Make Money with the Amazon
Affiliate Program

This book is written by a hugely successful Amazon affiliate member, Armaan Kohli, and includes real case
studies of how he’s built a successful niche site empire that’s monetized through the Amazon Associates
Program. He shows you screenshots of how his income keeps growing along with an example of how he
ultimately sold his 6-month-old Amazon affiliate website for over $15000!

How does amazon affiliate marketing work?

As you see in the above example if someone clicks on the “buy now” button that will redirect to the specific product page. In that URL you will find the amazon+affiliate keyword and tag id XYZ. That means it is an affiliate link. I bold that in the following link.


Now, someone buys that product then I will get the commission. simple.

Pros & Cons of the amazon affiliate program


  • Easy to start
  • Amazon is the big marketplace
  • Lots of products & categories
  • Trusted brand


  • Category dependent revenue
  • Time & patience is required

How to become Amazon Affiliate?

It is a simple process.

  1. Visit Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. Sign up/Sign in with your Amazon Account
  3. Follow the Instruction and fill in the right details.

In this process, you have to add your website. but if you haven’t a website/blog, you can put your social media link or youtube channel link. If you are serious to make money from the amazon affiliate program then you have to build your own website. Let’s see how to do that.

How to Build a Successful Amazon Affiliate blog site?

To become a successful Amazon affiliate marketer you have a specific niche, the site for your niche that you need to buy domain & hosting. you need to set WordPress with good themes and useful plugins to improve your productivity.

Let’s discuss it one by one.

How to Choose A Profitable Niche.

Niche is a subset of the big market that focused on a strong need of the customer.

Let’s take the example of the Samosa. when you go to the market (Bazaar) you will find many shops is selling Samosa like a big sweet shop and just one small shop for the samosa. Did you notice that that small shop just selling samosa has more sales than a big sweet shop? Because it is a niche, where that person is an expert for making good & tasty samosa.

Okay, let’s take another example. Amazon is a big marketplace selling almost all categories. But “Firstcry” is just selling baby products and it is more successful in that micro Niche (Baby products).

Did you know at the starting, Amazon is just selling books online?

The Secret

Start with a super micro Niche and then expand as you grow.

Now, you know the importance of the Niche. Let’s understand how to choose a profitable niche.


As you see above figure, your niche = Talent + Passion + Market

First, find out what is drives you that is your passion. Then find what you are good at that is your talent. Then do research about what is the demand & what is the future?

Steps to find Profitable Niche.

Passion: Find out what you have been reading or learning about in the past 3-5 years

Talent: Ask your parents, friends & relatives what you are good at.

Market: list out the top 5 books & top 5 blogs about your Passion+Talent. Do research about future scope.

That’s it. You have your profitable Niche. Now you can start writing a blog about that.

Domain & Hosting

In simple words, a Domain name is a unique identity in the world of the Internet. Here, is the domain name and it is only one (unique). simply website name. the domain name has importance for the traffic (SEO). So, choose your domain name according to your niche. like my niche is blogging so I choose jeelsblog as a domain name. (My name is Jeel & my niche is blogging). In the same way, you can choose a domain name based on your niche.

Notes to choose a Domain Name.

  • Based on your niche (recommended)
  • Should be 1 or 2 or max 3 words
  • Less than 12 characters
  • Simple to remember and pronouns
  • Go for .com (It mostly uses)

Now, you required hosting space to host your affiliate blog. you can host your website on your computer but you required 247365 Power and Internet connectivity. (It’s very very difficult). So, there are hosting companies, that provide some space on their severe to host our website. As well as Internet connectivity. following are some hosting providers as well as domain registrars.

They are providing different plans like shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, etc.

I recommend you to go for Shared hosting or WordPress hosting at the starting level. As you grow and you get more and more traffic then shift to the VPS hosting.

Notes to choose a hosting provider.

  • Review all different hosting providers.
  • Some are good for domain and some are good for hosting.
  • If you are a beginner go for a cheaper plan and as you grow shift to the higher level of plan.
  • other things you are required to buy: SSL certificate, domain privacy protection, professional email, etc. (mostly cover into the hosting plan, read all features of the hosting plan. They also provide Free Domain)

WordPress Setup, Theme, and Plugins

Now, you have to Install WordPress on your hosting provider. For most of the hosting providers, the process is the same. They provide Automatic WordPress installation just you have to fill in required details like username, password, etc. That’s it. (It will take a few minutes to install)

WordPress dashboard

Now, you can log in to your WordPress admin directly from the cPanel of the hosting provider or type URL:

The theme is the appearance of your site. From Leftside bar Appearance > theme > Add new. Choose the theme that you like. But it should be based on affiliate marketing. you can use generetPress, oceanWP for free, but if you want some paid theme, I recommend you use Affiliate Booster Theme. Now Free version is also available.

The Plugins are used to increase your productivity and you can add more features to your site. From left-sidebar go to Plugins > add new.

Must required plugins

  • Site kit by google (Analytic purpose)
  • All in one SEO/ Yoast SEO/ Rankmath (for SEO)
  • Wordfence (security)
  • Affiliate booster free plugin (for affiliate blog)
  • Updraft plus (for backup)
  • W3 Total Cache (website performance)

Now, you can start your own Amazon Affiliate Blog and you can earn money. you can also go to some other companies products or services for an Affiliate program.

If you have any queries comment below.

Happy Learning!

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