Start Your Own eCommerce Website

Basic Requirements to start

Before you start building an eCommerce website, you need to keep in mind the following topics.

  • You have to buy a Domain & Hosting
  • You have to set up WordPress Woocommerce
  • You have to install the proper theme for your store
  • You have to set up payment gateways and a Shipping method
  • And a little bit more

What? Are you afraid to do all of the above things? It looks complicated? That’s why I am here.

Let’s start everything one by one.

Domain & Hosting

The domain is a unique name on the internet. let’s say, is unique and Someone what to know about me then he/she has to just write in the browse and they will lend on this site.

Similar way, you have to choose a domain name for your store and it should be available. Let’s say is available then go to the domain registrar (website) and purchase it.

You can visit Search your domain name (with .com). check whether it is available or not.

Hosting is the space on the internet. Let’s take the example of your house. On this planet earth, your house location is fixed and occupied some space. If someone wants to meet you then he/she have to come to your house.

Same way, your store details, and product require some space on the internet. So, you have to purchase Hosting space from the hosting provider.

You can use your own PC/Laptop to host without spending money…..But you have to switch on your PC 24/7/365 and have a good, not good, great internet connectivity. (You Pc will not handle huge web traffic.)

So, Let pay some money to the hosting provider and let them do other works.

Visit and purchase hosting.

Wait! In the Domain and hosting, there are lots of things to understand (If you don’t know anything). So, contact some who knows about it or contact me.

Install WordPress & Woocommerce

Start your own eCommerce website

After purchasing hosting, they will provide your username and password to login into cPanel. Where you can upload files and other stuff (Coding Knowledge required)

But Nowadays hosting provider gives you the auto-install facility to install the popular app to your hosting space.

So, you have to Install WordPress in your hosting space. Find WordPress name or logo or simply search in the search bar of the cPanel and Install it.

After a few minutes, it will be installed automatically in your hosting space.

Now, go to and login with username and password (these is the same details….you put during WordPress installation)

Now, Go to the plugins section (left sidebar) > add new > Woocommerce (search in search bar).
Install it and then activate it.

Install Theme and Plugins

As of now, your website is too simple and it will not attract customers. So, now you have to install the appropriate theme on your site.

Go to Appearance > Theme > Add new > search bar… Search theme according to your business. Let’s say you are running a restaurant then search restaurant.

It shows lots of themes for you. choose what you like then install it and activate.

Plugins add more functionality to your website. There are lots of plugins. but few of them are mandatory in the case of security and analytics.

  • Wordfence (security)
  • site kit by Google (Analysis)
  • WPForms (to create forms)
  • All in one SEO (SEO optimization), etc.

Payment Gateway & Shipping

Now, These are most important.

A Payment gateway is software that helps you to make money from customers’ bank A/C and deposit to your Bank A/C.

You can use Razorpay, Instamojo, strip, and much more. But I personally use Razorpay. It is very easy to use.

Go to the Razorpay. see what they are offering. Create an account and upload the required details and complete KYC.

In few days your account will be activated. Means you can use it.

Now, Install plugins Razorpay from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Woocommerce section > settings > payment > active Razorpay > manage Razorpay.

Now you have to input the API key and Secret key. (Follow some YouTube video or documentation)

Similar way, for the shipping method, install ship rocket plugins and signup for it.

Little bit more

Your store is ready to launch. As so far you can understand to setup online store is a little bit difficult it’s required some technical knowledge. But it is very easy to operate.

Still, confused?

Don’t Worry. I am here to help you. I can design A to Z for your online store as discussed above. Also, I will explain to you how to add products, upload details, and how to do background works to run a successful online store. contact me.

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